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GeoHex Research Paper Published

Mon, 14 March, 2022

Garima Mittal, a Leicester University postdoc who has been working at the TWI-based Materials Innovation Centre (MatIC), has had a paper based on research related to the GeoHex Project published online.

The review paper, ‘Suspension and Solution Precursor Plasma and HVOF Spray,’ investigates the use of liquid feedstocks to remove the challenges of using powder feedstocks in plasma and high-velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) thermal spraying.

The paper looks into the use of liquid feedstocks to deposit a wide range of coating materials with improved control over the coating microstructure, material composition and stoichiometry.

However, this requires an improved understanding of the properties of different suspension and solution feedstocks, process parameters, injection methods, torches, and surface properties that could affect the coating quality and performance.

Garima’s review also investigates the economic aspects of suspension/solution precursor-based plasma and HVOF spray methods and their various applications.

You can read the paper as a webpage here or as a PDF here.


The project that led to this publication (GeoHeX) received funding from EU's H2020 programme under the GA 851917