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GeoHex Consortium Meeting Held

Mon, 26 September, 2022

The GeoHex Consortium met up to discuss the latest project progress and strategies. The meeting was attended by representatives of the project partners who are working to improve the efficiency of geothermal plants and reducing the cost of power plants through the optimisation of the heat exchangers used.

Of course, the components of geothermal plants are under threat of corrosion and scaling due to the harsh environments in which they operate. These conditions mean that parts need to be replaced and maintained, with heat exchangers being shown to bear the brunt of these harsh conditions.

By delivering improved heat exchanger materials, the consortium will help promote geothermal energy as a flexible resource that can be used as part of a wider energy mix and help stabilise fluctuations in the grid.

The project consortium meeting provided the opportunity to report back on the progress among different aspects of the project and to discuss any challenges and solutions as well as strategies for the project future.


The GeoHex project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme grant agreement 851917