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GeoHex Community Updates

Fri, 06 May, 2022

The GeoHex consortium is pleased to announce the publication of the 5th edition of our Newsletter. Click here to find out more about our interesting stories:

GeoHex in Heat Exchanger Magazine

GeoHex was featured in the Heat Exchanger World Magazine. The article, ‘The GeoHex Project: Anticorrosive Coatings for Geothermal Heat Exchangers,’ introduced the challenges faced by the geothermal sector and the use of coatings applied to heat exchangers to improve heat transfer, scaling and corrosion performance, while reducing maintenance costs and improving plant profitability. Find out more here

GeoHex Review Paper in J Therm Spray Tech

Led by University of Leicester, GeoHex published a review article on ‘Suspension and Solution Precursor Plasma and HVOF Spray’ in Journal of Thermal Spray Technology. The paper reviews the use of liquid feedstocks to deposit a wide range of coating materials with improved control over the coating microstructure, material composition and stoichiometry. Find out more here

GeoHex @AMPP

Led by TWI and University of Leicester, GeoHex was presented at the AMPP’s annual conference and expo in San Antonio, Texas. Find out more here