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GeoHex partner of the month: Innovation Center Iceland

Thu, 28 January, 2021

GeoHex's partner for January 2021 is Innovation Center Iceland!

Innovation Center Iceland - Who are we?

Innovation Center Iceland is an Icelandic government research institute. The institute has, for the last years, been active in various research areas such as material science, construction research and biotechnology among other things. The institute has also been an important startup incubator for Iceland and many promising and successful companies have managed to grow under the care of ICI.

Our role in GeoHex

As a partner in the GeoHex project, our main role is to analyse the results and exposed samples from the single-phase heat exchange test rig developed by Spike Renewables and set up at ON's Hellisheiði powerplant. We will investigate the developed coatings and their performance in the geothermal fluid discharged from the earth´s crust. In the first stages of the project, we designed and assembled a test rig for the amorphous coatings developed by Grein Research. The test rig was used to investigate the scaling resistance of the developed coatings at Hellisheiði power plant and was a great addition to  Grein's down-selection process.

What is our view on GeoHex?

We believe that coatings in general will be an essential part of engineering materials in all aspects of life in the future. It is logical in terms of economics and from an environmental viewpoint for the surfaces of materials, which most often experience the main portion of the degredating mechanisms affecting engineering materials in general, to be coated with materials having enhanced mechanical and corrosion resistance properties. In this way, structures and equipment can be more economical and more environmental friendly in comparison with produced bulk material with the necessary properties. GeoHex is a stepping stone into that future.