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High-performance heat exchangers for geothermal applications

“We aim to develop advanced material with antiscaling and anticorrosion properties for cost-efficient and enhanced exchanger performance for geothermal applications”

The GeoHex Consortium

High-performance heat exchangers for geothermal applications

The geothermal power plants, due to the inherently harsh environments, are constantly under threat from corrosion and scaling issues resulting in high operational and maintenance costs. Unsurprisingly, heat exchangers, whether direct heat exchangers or Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), are under constant threat from geothermal brine corrosion and scaling issues and measures are needed to enhance the performance and sustainability.

 Project GeoHex, aims to develop heat exchanger (HX) materials, addressing both the improvements in the anti-scaling and anti-corrosion properties, as well as, the heat transfer performance of the HX material leading to more efficient and cost-effective systems

Our Impacts

  • Development of corrosion resistant, anti-scaling coatings
  • To replace expensive corrosion resistant alloys with low cost (carbon steel) coated alternatives
  • Significantly reduce the cost of a geothermal plant
  • Contribute towards strengthening the EU leadership on renewables 

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